Teddy Bear Project

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This year we are encouraging all donors to donate more new animals, and plush animals with the tags on.

Recent health concerns have caused a significant drop in receivers.

The Child Rescue Foundation designed the Teddy Bear Project in the fall of 1999 as a way to reach children in crisis with a symbol of unconditional love. The goal for that year was to raise 25,000 plush animals and have them delivered with community support. Although an ambitious effort, the first year yielded 9,000 stuffed animals. At that time, volunteer participation from the corporate sector as well as private participated in public tagging dates to re-tag all the animals, as well as the delivery.After realizing what 9000 plush animals actually looked like at our office, a more realistic goal of 10,000 bears, matched with a financial donation of a dollar per bear , was conceived for the 2001 Teddy Bear Project ™.

Many in the non profit sector felt the effects of the 911 event in NY, and CRF was among them. Many of our volunteers had given of their time to the victims and families of those lost in the World Trade Center bombing. None the less, we were still able to collect 7000 bears that year and deliver them to families and children in need. IN recent years the TBP has moved forward to create a simpler, more impacting event with it’s new program. Our focus is on gaining not only the plush animals, but the dollar matching as well for this program. 


The first bear received by CRF, Inc. was created by artist Jean Pierson of Abilene, TX. Named Rosebud, this bear is an artist bear (see below) made out of German Mohair and has glass eyes. Presented by Debbie Pedersen, head of the Family Violence Prevention Fund, a division of the Human Rights Relation Board in Denver, Rosebud became CRF, Inc.’s first donation.



Rosebud, the first Teddy Bear donation