Heart of Imagination Day

Who: The Child Rescue Foundation, Inc. sponsors the HeArt Through a Child’s Eyes

Why: Raising awareness of the impact of violence on children with their art. Children donating artwork will gain the knowledge that their messages of hope will help another child in crisis. Eighty cents of every dollar from this auction will go to children in need, children who have been victims of domestic violence and/or abuse. We need volunteers for that day to face paint (no experience necessary) and people to help children create art.

Our supporters: Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado, Wells Fargo, and the Denver Department of Parks and recreation

 Wanted: Face Painters

for the

HeArt of Imagination Day

Hosted by the Child Rescue Foundation

We are looking for face painting volunteers. This is a wonderful opportunity to work, hands on, painting the faces of children ages 1 – 99. Face painters are expected to work quickly with each child, while being friendly and enthusiastic. Experience is not required! Children can pick from a pre-made book featuring simple designs such as ladybugs and stars. Of course, you are welcome to try your own designs as well. This day should be fun, rewarding and full of creativity, for both the children and yourself.

Where: Cherry Creek Public Library (3rd and Milwaukee)

When: July annually– volunteers must arrive by 8am -end at 5pm

Reserve 2 – 4 hours per month, April – June, for training( These are very flexible). Dates have yet to be

determined but may include weekends

Volunteers will work in rotating shifts throughout the day

We provide: Food (including snacks) and beverages all day, paints, brushes and glitter

How to Dress: Black shorts/pants with either a black or white T-shirt

Keep in mind you are working with: 1) children and families- be respectful

2) children and paint- dress accordingly

Requirements: Work quickly while still being friendly

Find CRF staff immediately should any problems or questions arise

Remember- no experience is necessary- we provide pre-made books for the children to select from

About the Child Rescue Foundation: Founded in 2000, CRF works to establish outreach, referral programs and financial assistance to provide a holistic approach to recovery for local youth and families that have been impacted by violence and transition.

About HeArt of Imagination Day- Art affords children an opportunity to express themselves; CRF provides children the opportunity to display their artwork through HeArt of Imagination Day. Additionally, CRF runs a number of activities, from face painting to selling cards that boast children’s artwork, to raise money for its programs.