Adopt A Bear Project

In 2002, one of our board members, an avid collector of artist bears, felt it was time to donate part of their extensive collective to CRF in support of their mission. The Adopt A Bear program was created and installed on the web site as a means to raise awareness and to support the financial needs of CRF in meeting the goals of assisting families and children who are impacted by crisis.

Every bear donated receives a certificate, and .80 of every dollar of the funds from these bears goes directly to the children.
These bears are collectibles and/or artist bears and are not meant as toys for children, because of the delicateness of some of their structure and the artist reputation for creating them.

The process is simple:

If you find the bear you like and want to adopt, please e mail with it’s code, and we will send the final adoption bill, including a modest shipping, handling and insurance fee per bear. When you receive you adoption statement, please send a check or MO, or visit PayPal for direct payment, and we will ship your family member immediately priority mail.

These bears all range in size and adoptable prices. If you see a friend you like, email us for more info on size, maker etc. All come from a non smoking house and are brand new.

A few are Raike bears in their boxes and are MINT!~

Thank you!

Here is the story from one amazing donor who decided to share her bears with us as a gift for others…please get a Kleenex first….

My story:  I began acquiring bears in 1988 by accident (isn’t that always the way?).  I was in one of my favorite “lots of neat stuff” stores and saw two of the Robert Raikes Sunday collection (Timmy and Susie) behind the counter.  Of course the store owners were more than happy to let me hold them!  They explained what they know about the Raikes collections and I fell hopelessly in love.  However, I looked at the price ($75 – in 1988!) and put them back.  Came home, and found that all I could think about were those two bears.  At 5:30 pm, knowing that the store closed in 30 minutes, I drove back and brought them home.  My husband has lived to regret it ever since!

 Not having the internet back then (my, how times have changed!), I scoured my local neighborhood for a year, looking for more bears and finally met a couple who told me about bear shows – in particular, one in Timonium, MD.  That fall, my husband and I went to that show and we were introduced to the wonderful world of Bear People!  For the next several years, we traveled up and down the East Coast to various bear shows, meeting artists and sellers (some of the nicest folks on the earth) and just having a grand time.  I discovered my allergy to wool, mohair, and alpaca (major breakouts) and learned to seek out artists with quality plush bears.

 It was sad to see those shows close down as bear collecting fell out of favor.  I still enjoy the hunt, although it’s mostly by internet now.  And, of course, I have pared down my collection – happens as tastes change.

 One final note on my story – over the years, I made friends with several artists who used plush fabrics.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, I asked one of them to make a bear for me that I could carry through my treatments – surgery, chemo, radiation.  She responded with the gift of Molly (picture attached), especially made so that I could carry her everywhere, including the radiation room.  Bear people are special friends.

 There you have it.  Once again, I am so glad that I found your organization and that you can use my bears for a good cause.  Best of luck.

 Carol R.

History of the Adopt a Bear Program:

CRF, Inc. is increasing their exposure for the Teddy Bear Project by posting, quarterly, teddy bears for adoption. Each bear had a complete name, description, the artist, and the amount needed for the final adoption to proceed. Remember, that your donation is tax deductible.

These bears come from a large collection of artists bears from one of our Board members, who is eager to support CRF is any way possible.

The first Adopt A Bear was the North American Bear given to President Clinton by a dear friend after he had a heart attack, and became the poster bear for this project. Since 2005, we have sold 23 bears, all of which are unique, they are artist bears and not toys, sold as collectibles, and 100% of the proceeds go to the children we serve. It is a great way to recycle our furry friends, to give a hug to another, and provide a smile for someone who may be in need of cheering up! Because that is what bears do!