CRF Domestic Violence Workbook

The Awareness Workbook for 
Victims of Domestic Violence and Stalking

About This Workbook 
This workbook was developed by the Child Rescue Foundation, Inc. The purpose of this guide is to assist adults and children impacted by family violence in their recovery to a more safe and peaceful way of living. This guide is intended to be used by professionals that support domestic violence victims and for victims who want to empower themselves with some tools necessary to stop the cycle of family violence, and to regain safety in their lives.

The following information can found in this book:

  1. Signs to recognize domestic violence, stalking and cyber stalking
  2. Ideas for creating safety plans that can assist you and your family
  3. Techniques for being a credible witness
  4. Tools for immigration, name change, and other items necessary for safety
  5. Weekly road map for recovery guides
  6. Worksheets, suggested action plans, motivation materials, and chapter concept reinforcements

With any drastic change of life, set backs are common. Feeling alone is a normal part of the process. However, each recovery process is unique. You will find weekly-suggested guides, exercises, reading materials, daily affirmations, worksheets and support statements from others who have gone before you. Feel free to keep it with you, and a copy with a trusted individual. Take this guide and use it to keep focused on the positives that lie ahead. Remember to always seek the professional help of police, victim’s advocates and therapists when needed.

Victims Workbook / Seminar
The Awareness Workbook for Victims of Domestic Violence and Stalking is 146 page step by step manual for children and adults seeking to recover from domestic violence.

Target: All Victims of Domestic Violence
Length: 2 hour training
Cost: $150.00/per book (includes training Colorado only)
Out of state $75.00 CDROM $45.00

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Download the Awareness Workbook for Victims of Domestic Violence and Stalking for free from Part Five: Managing your case

Table of Contents

The Awareness Workbook for

Victims of Domestic Violence and Stalking

Part One – Domestic Violence

Chapter One – Identifying Domestic Violence – 14

Chapter Two – Identifying Precursors to Violence – 20

Chapter Three – Children and Domestic Violence – 27

Chapter Four – Dating Violence and Abuse – 46

Chapter Five – Safety Plan – 49

Chapter Six – Domestic Violence Review – 58

Chapter Seven – Introduction to Stalking – 100

Chapter Eight – Coming to Terms with a Stalking Relationship – 118

Chapter Nine – Getting out of a Stalking Relationship – 123

Chapter Ten – Cyberstalking and the Law – 127

Chapter Eleven – Safety Plan Taking Action-127

Part Four – Recovery

Chapter Twelve – Paper Layers – 138

Path 1: Understanding Trauma – 142

Path 2: Journal: Reflection on Feelings- Choosing Survival and Recovery-154

Path 3: Establishing a Support Network- 150

Path 4: Good Parenting-160

Path 5: Emotional Make Over-189

Path 6: Getting on with it/Dealing with fear

Path 7: Stepping Forward into the Light 208

Path 8: Forgiveness 209

Path 9: Finding the Path of the Peaceful Warrior 211

Path 10: Reaching out to help another-222

Path 11: The new Mirror/Freedom-223

Chapter Twelve – Paper Layers: a book on abuse to recovery from The Child Rescue Foundation-225

Part Five – Managing Your Case

Chapter 13:Enforcing the Law -260

Chapter 14: Managing Your Case-273

Chapter 15:Domestic Violence in the Workplace 292

Tips for Employers, Workers and Friends of the Victim 292