Board Members

Child Rescue Foundation Clearinghouse, Inc.

P.O. Box 102319
Denver, Colorado 80250


Board of Directors CRF 2010

As of October 2012, these individuals will operate as the Advisory Board for the Child Rescue Foundation Clearinghouse

Addresses are all our PO Box above, due to the sensitive nature of this business.


Joanne Kappel, Founder, Executive Director/Founder- 10/2012- President


Lizzi Henry Vice President/Finance Manager


Darla Harrah- Youth Coordinator Intake- Lead for Art of My Heart


Brittany Schwartzkopf- Programs Director- Lead for Workshops (CyberStalking, BullyProofing your     School and more)


Lowry Peacock,  Risk Management/Assessment Director /Head of Security


Joe Ayala- Outreach Representative- Board Member at Large


Shelley Irish – Board Member at Large


Mary Beth Diedrick- Board Member/Secretary


Catherine Scheuber- Foundation Financial Adviser


Full resumes available from CRF upon request

…Granting wishes to children and families since 1999.”