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Project Calendar for current year from the Child Rescue Foundation Inc


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Joanne Kappel

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Pencil Box Project


School supplies +


Teddy bear Project

September/ Nov 16 Annual

10,000 plush animals

collected and delivered

Easter /Passover

February/ End March 18

Baskets, grass, candy, plush

animals books and more

Make A Difference Day


4th Saturday in October


Diapers, plush animals,



Holiday Gift Giving Project

Sept/Dec 16 final delivery

650 children are adopted by

corporate donors to support

the lists given by Denver Kids and DDHS

Project Description:ON HOLD for 2020

Make A Difference Day project: 4th weekend in October

CRF has supported DDHS for over 10 years with blankets, diapers and approx 1300 stuffed animals on this Saturday.

We need security to meet us 1200 Federal between 1-2 on that day for delivery.

Project Description: December Project

Need to begin planning in September

September 30- need the list for children to give to corporate sponsors for this holiday event

CRF has supported DDHS for over 7 years with Santa’ Corner. It is vital to have the list by the end of September so

donors can begin organizing.


Project Description: February Project- Easter Baskets

Need to begin planning in February/ends March 18

CRF has supported DDHS for over 8 years with baskets, candy, plush animals for the holiday Easter baskets. A

current list is needed for us to begin collecting these supplies.

Project Description: Teddy Bear Project-December Project- starts in September- ends Nov16

Need to begin planning in September

This annual event has provided over 96,000 plush animals for the holidays. Girls Scouts, corporations, schools and

more participate and it has been a tradition to have them greeted and acknowledged for their hard efforts.

CRF has supported DDHS for over 10 years with the Teddy bear Project

Project Description: May Project- Pencil Box Project

Need to begin planning in May/ends August 12

CRF has supported Denver Kids for over 8 years with ongoing school supplies. We need to find out the number of children

if you have them for our corporate supporters to begin packing and collecting.

Often these donors have provided fully packed backpacks for kids.