Every day of every month, the Child Rescue Foundation gives back to the community and families in crisis in many ways. Lives are touched. Possibilities, safety and security are uncovered and recovery begins. Hope is found.

Bianca is a student at a school in NW Denver, which has a large number of homeless and disadvantaged youth. Her passion is to play sports, primarily softball. Many of these children decide daily, whether to pay rent, have a meal, or buy school supplies. A softball glove is an expensive commitment. CRF and the COP ™ Project (Children’s Outreach Project) has pledged to help the girls youth athletic department with materials and athletic fees so these girls can learn team skills and a feeling of success for completing and competing. She writes:

“..thank you for our gloves. We hope we didn’t shame you for not winning, but we really tried and we showed up at every game. The good thing is that we really tried a lot.”

Their coach writes:
” This team started out having difficulties with anger, respect for themselves and others and never having played a sport before. I am proud to say that with your help, they overcame many of their hurdles…..

Mario The Children’s Pencil Box Project™ began in 2000 as a way to assist homeless youth (over 900 in one school district) with supplies for education. It has grown to an enormous project, with over 200 Girl scout Troops, 43 corporations, and 6 faith organizations, as well as many individuals, taking their time, money and networking abilities to provide 600 backpacks, valued at over $19,800!!!

This little 4th grader writes:

“..I want to thank you for my backpack and school supplies, and I am very thankful for what you gave me and my parent as well because you were there for me when my parents didn’t have any for my supplies. I will always remember you…”

 Teddy Bear Project™

Since 1999, CRF has been a pivotal point in structuring the highly successful program “Kids Empowering Kids”, in collecting many items for children in crisis in our community. The TBP has collected over 56,000 new and slightly loved animals for children in need, working with over 8000 volunteers, 4500 Girl Scouts, faith and corporate volunteers and many more. One senior citizen annually collects, grooms and puts a new bow on over 200 personally! Of our many letters, this one touched our heart the most:

“…I am writing to thank you for the wonderful work you do…my son, Nicholas, 3, fell out of his bedroom window. When we got to the hospital, he was surrounded by people he didn’t know and screaming… A nurse left the room and came back with one of your bears and it’s heart shaped tag, and he immediately fell quiet. It not only comforted him, but me as well….”

A large insurance company said in it’s ad this winter… A teddy bear is not just a teddy bear, it’s step towards normal. We agree.

Make A Difference Day

CRF participates annually in the USA Weekend paper “make A Difference Day” where we work with volunteers from our community in collecting plush animals, diapers and blankets for children in need. This 3 hour event typically attracts over 175 + volunteers, schools, faith organizations and corporate support.2004, both Denver Department of Health and Human Services as well as the Kempe Center, wrote to tell us if they didn’t get any donations this year, children would be without necessities.

From Kendra, a 10 year old participating: 

“…I hope to make these children grow up happier from our donations. I hope we touch their hearts with each teddy bear.

From Kelli:

“… this was such a wonderful education for all of the children who need a hug and a smile in hard times. A hug from me to you..”


Billy Thompson Broncos Make A Difference day. Volunteers are the life of any non-profit. Since it’s creation, over 6000 annual volunteers log on to the Internet and come to non-profits fairs to be part of the CRF team. This organization strives to find volunteer opportunities that encompass families, children, corporate, faith and community sectors. Teaching empathy to our youth is the strongest tool we have in teaching peace and harmony.

Since 1999, the foundation and participants have logged over 90,000 hours annually. Children as young as 2 have participated in our Kids Empowering Kids programs, and adults as young as 95 have made contributions by collecting, cleaning and sorting our plush animals for the Make a Difference Day Project.

From a Daisy Troop Scout (age 5) after participating in the Teddy Bear Project….I feel loved, happy, cheerful and nice and last, I feel grateful. That’s how I feel because a sad kid will get a toy I gave and feel better……


CRF has had a proud partnership with the University of Denver since 2000. Interns from a diverse range of backgrounds bring their unique creativity and expertise to many areas of the non-profit sector. Among the many interns, several have become full time board members, other have become project managers for several large fundraisers and awareness raising events, and one completed her internship by finishing the CRF workbook for victims, a 396 page manual for recovery.

CRF participates in the annual DU Non Profit fair, attracting interns for management, communication, art and business.

Becoming part of the CRF intern program begins with each intern outlining a goal sheet to be reviewed with CRF staff, and weekly status reports for progress. Quarterly positions are available, and can be reviewed on the DU website.

Interns speak:

  • “I gained confidence in my communications skills”
  • “I am a team player on important projects”
  • “My heart has grown through this organization”
  • “My company hired me because of my work for CRF”

Our supporters speak:

January 17, 2001
The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s office would like to thank you for your donation of the stuffed animals. So many children will be comforted during a time of stress.
Kim Dennison

On behalf of the children at PS234 in New York, we wish to thank your organization for the teddy bears. We have 75 children who benefited by these bears and cards of support and wish all of you who do the work you do to know that you are truly appreciated.
J. Missoni
#3rd grade teacher PS234

Dear Joanne:
I’m writing you to follow up with the teddy bear donations- I am the leader of brownie troop 326 in Nederland and I spoke with you in February about our troop donating bears. You responded so quickly with the information I needed and the troop brought 12 bears and tagged them with the CRF heart tag. Through you we found the Blue Sky Bridge- the Child Family Advocacy in Boulder. Six of the bears went to them and six went to the Boulder DA’s office…when the girls walked into the building there were our bears ready to be given to children in need. Please let us know when you are having another bear roundup so that we can be of service again.
Thank you for all your work protecting children

Janet Tumburke

..I am so very proud of you; proud of your son…It is great to see how your effort is gaining momentum and spreading the word-hope. I am honored to be involved with anything you do.
Betty Wytias

On February 15, our troop 978 brought their new bears to a snack and tea… When it was time to go, several of the girls had a hard time saying goodbye to the bears. However, they realized these bears will eventually go to a much greater need. I think this was a very positive experience for the troop especially since they were able to deliver the bears in person. Thank you- 
Kathleen Gremban

Dear Child Rescue Foundation-
I am writing this thank you for the wonder bears you delivered. As you may or may not know, every child who interviews at our facility gets a bear. Now thanks to your generous donation, we can offer a multitude of choices. Keep us in mind for future donations! 
Jennifer Finger

Arapahoe County Colorado
Department of Human Services
Screening Supervisor
To: CRF,Inc.
Thank you so much for the beautiful stuffed toys your organization provided to us. I cannot tell you how much we appreciated having these nice toys to give to the children that come through our offices.
Occasionally we have children in our offices who have been abused or neglected. These children, especially the little ones, are sometimes afraid or upset. To be able to offer them a toy they can keep, something they can hold on to and hug, makes all the difference to these children. This is why your generosity is so greatly appreciated.
We appreciate you.

C. Bergstrom

Teddy Bears As Heroes Book, due out In January of 2002, is honoring the Child Rescue Foundation’s work in utilizing the healing effects of stuffed animals and children who have experienced a crisis.


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