Easter Basket /Passover Project

Spring-nature-backgroundWe  need your help in providing Easter/Passover treats to over 1000 needy children in Denver

We gratefully welcome completed Easter/Passover baskets, supplies to make baskets.

In terms of projected Spring Basket needs based on age and gender:

· 135 baskets for children aged 0-2 (blankets, diaper wipes, or other small items would be a good substitute for more age-appropriate basket items)

· 45 baskets for girls aged 3-5 years old

· 50 baskets for boys aged 3-5 years old

· 65 baskets for girls aged 6-9 years old

· 65 baskets for boys aged 6-9 years old

· 40 baskets for girls aged 10-12 years old

· 45 baskets for boys aged 10-12 years old

About Our  Annual Spring Basket Drive

Each spring, case workers and child advocates in Denver identify between 400-500 children under age 12 who are among the most vulnerable being served by these amazing organizations who are in need of spring gift baskets. The children who receive our Spring Gift Baskets have been referred to our agency because they have suffered from or may be at risk for abuse and neglect, and or homelessness. As our agency works with parents, families and other caretakers to help them address these children’s needs, the  Spring Gift Baskets bring an unexpected bit of joy.

Because the children come from many different backgrounds and different faith traditions, we prepare baskets to bring a bit of springtime cheer. We encourage individuals and groups who would like to bring seasonal joy to these children to donate:

· Pre-assembled baskets featuring candy, small toys, small stuffed animal, coloring books and crayons, toothbrushes and toothpaste, toiletries, etc., and bows; (when donating pre-assembled baskets, please affix a tag indicating suggested gender and age-appropriateness of included toys)

· Supplies to assemble baskets, including: baskets, ribbon, grass, candy, small toys, coloring books and crayons, toothbrushes and toothpaste, toiletries, etc.

 For more information, please e mail Joanne Kappel/ Child Rescue Foundation at childrescue97984@aol.com