National Award Recipient for Make A Difference Day 2013

National Award Recipient for Make A Difference Day 2013

Welcome to the Child Rescue Foundation Website.

Wanted: Face Painters/Art Helpers for the13 th Annual HeArt of Imagination Day Hosted by the Child Rescue Foundation and the Denver Public Library!! First weekend in July…for more information,please send us an e mail..only 20 positions are available and they fill up fast!

We are looking for face painting volunteers and help with the art area. This is a wonderful opportunity to work, hands on, painting the faces of children ages 1 – 99. Face painters are asked to work quickly with each child, while being friendly and enthusiastic. Experience is not required!


A GoFundMe account has been established..raising $3500 for the Pencil Box Project for Kids in need…visit TheChildRescueFoundation/FaceBook site for more info or click on the link below to donate..We need your help! This is a fully volunteer one on staff receives a paycheck!!

2015 Board of Directors Update


In an attempt to raise awareness concerning timely topics regarding our children, we will be addressing new topics each month pertaining to information our children/parents/caregivers can access for their well being, safety, and piece of mind.  Go to The Newsletter Bar for the May 2015 highlight which will be addressing the issue of  DV and Divorce.. are great tools and tips for getting help for yourself or for a friend. It’s never too late to get support. Check out the Yellow Ribbon Project.

….visit our newsletter for the full article or use the link above….there is always help if you are the vicitm, employer, friend or clergy…..Reach out today and help a friend in need!!

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New Announcement!

Purchase a designer mint condition teddy bear for adoption. All donations tax deductible under IRS statutes. Purchase here!Big_The_Etsy_Logo

This site was designed to educate families affected by domestic violence about choices, tools and self-accountability for their own behavior. Our mission is to expand the awareness of domestic violence through education, outreach and referral services found throughout this site. Granting wishes to families and children impacted by violence since 1999.

Throughout the year we are always in need of physical and financial assistance for the more than 15,000 children we serve.

In 2005, we expanded our services to include children affected by transition and homelessness to provide for specific needs for their survival and for them to thrive in their community. If you wish to donate goods, please see our page on donations.

Know that your donations go directly to the children as no staff or board members are ever paid for their service.

Donations are greatly appreciated, please call 303-628-0477 for processing information.

Visa, Mastercard and Discover gladly taken.

Contact: Joanne Kappel, Executive Director


Please send all donations and mail inquiries to:

Child Rescue Foundation P.O. Box 102319 Denver, CO 80250